Anonymity check

Trying to be anonymous on the internet? Are you using a VPN or proxy?
Check if everything you wanted to hide is really hidden.
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More about the service

Anonymity check shows how other websites on the internet see you.

If you have hidden your IP address using a VPN or proxy, make sure nothing else is giving you away.

Online service checks DNS leak , tries to get real IP-address through WebRTC . Checks if your real IPv6 is visible.

Only a leak of the real IP address is critical for anonymity.

Everything else: two-way ping, open ports, headers, fingerprint, hostname of the server on the network and time zone are only indirect signs of using anonymization tools. They do not affect your privacy on the internet.

Please note that all such tests are “synthetic.” The fact is that ordinary websites do not check all of their visitors for all the signs that are used in this test. Most often, this is only an IP-address, its country, city. IPv6 and leakage via WebRTC are rarely checked.

The main purpose of this testing is to enable you to eliminate what is possible with the browser and anonymization tool you are using. Some can be easily eliminated using browser settings, others using proxy or VPN settings.

Each item has detailed information with recommendations for elimination. To display, click on the item of interest after testing.