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The utility sends a request to the specified address and records the responses. The service allows you to quickly check
whether the node you need is available on the network: a website, server or IP address.
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More about online ping

Originally the word ping was used to describe the sound of an impulse emitted by a sonar. In computer slang, it is a test of a network connection quality.

The word ping also refers to the time taken to transmit a small packet of data from the user to the server and from the server back to the user.

Most often used to determine the availability of a website, server on the internet. Ping time can be used to determine how responsive the connection to this server will be.

Not only a low value of time in milliseconds, a small ping, is important but also the stability of this value, absence of significant jumps in readings and, especially, packet loss.

It is convenient to use an online ping test to check and find out whether a website is inaccessible only from your computer or to everyone on the internet.