Whois Domain and IP Addresses

Checking domains and IP addresses using online whois database. Additionally
identifies ISP, server location and Tor network membership.

More about whois service

WHOIS from Who is this?. The WHOIS lookup service allows you to find out detailed information about any domain and IP address on the internet.

When checking a domain, its IP-address is checked immediately to determine the server on which it is located.

Detailed information about the domain is requested from a combined WHOIS registrar's database and contains all publicly available data: the date of registration and expiration of the domain, who registeration belongs to, NS-servers, delegation status.

Whois by IP address shows the subnet range, name and contacts of the owner.

The service is useful to find out who owns a domain or who owns an IP address. It helps to contact the website owner if they have not published any contact information about themselves.