Internet connection speed test

Automatic selection of the server closest to you geographically for maximum speed.
You can test the speed of international traffic using a wide network of servers around the world.
Find out the real speed of a particular server of our VPN service.

Please use our application for speed testing

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In General, when testing server speed, a certain amount of information is sent to our server and back. The time it took for this transfer determines the overall connection speed.

To get accurate information, you pause any file downloads and uploads. If you use Wi-Fi, place your device such that the router can see it without obstacles such as walls and doors.

Please note that most often, providers specify the maximum connection speed to websites and servers in the city or region of the service provider in their tariffs. Therefore, the international speed may differ less from the one stated in the contract. This is normal.

On this page, you can test the internet speed in different countries and cities. Speed check runs on HTML5 technology, which allows you to use it on any modern device, including smartphones without Flash support.