Are there any restrictions?

МWe do not limit the amount of traffic used and do not limit the speed of servers.

You will have exactly the speed that your current internet connection allows you to receive, taking into account factors such as distance to a server, an overall development of an internet infrastructure of a country and a place where the server is located, internet routes from your provider to our server, and more .

The restrictions are only legal, but logical and understandable to all users. For example, you cannot violate the laws of the country in which the server you are using is located, as well as commit illegal actions against other participants and internet objects from any of our servers: spam, fraud, slander, extortion, hacking, attacks.

Be sure to read the Terms of Use. This is not a formality. They really need to be adhered to in order for the service to work for a long time and be stable for all customers.

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