Does not connect

In most cases, the program recognizes the problem on its own and will try to solve it, but sometimes it needs help.

Possible reasons:

  • OpenVPN adapter is frozen. he program log will read the line “All TAP-Win adapters on this system are currently in use”. This usually occurs if another VPN program has already been installed on the computer.
    Solution: uninstall another application or reinstall the TAP adapter.
  • Ports are closed. It occurs on public Wi-Fi and corporate networks.
    Solution: depends on how many and which ones are closed. In most cases, switching the VPN protocol will help: Settings ? General tab ? Тип подключения: OpenVPN TCP. Connection type: OpenVPN TCP. Try to connect. If that doesn’t help, switch to L2TP and try again.
  • Internet proxy required. It occurs at work, on corporate networks.
    Solution: enter the proxy in the program Settings, the "Proxy" tab. Learn more about proxy settings.

If you don’t want to resolve the problem on your own or the tips above did not help, contact our tech support through online chat by clicking the button at the bottom right of the page or write using tickets.

Be sure to attach the program log in a text file to the inquiry. The log is located in Settings, the first tab. We will help promptly.

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