Why do owners of other websites need it?

From IP-address, one can determine who visited the website, from which country and city, track a visitor’s movement on the website, which buttons s/he clicked and much more. As a rule, this is done automatically by web analytics trackers and does not pursue a goal of monitoring the activities of an individual user.

Website owners have an ability to block unwanted visitors by individual IP addresses, groups of IP addresses, as well as by geography.

For example, copyrighted material is often available to visitors of only certain countries.

The well-known Russian service Yandex.Music will refuse to launch the player if you access it from a European or American IP address. YouTube video hosting will not show some videos to users with Russian IP addresses. Hotel reservation service Booking.com in some cases will show you different prices for hotels if you come from a Russian IP address, from Indian and from European. There are many such examples.

Using a VPN solves this problem through a network of servers around the world and an ability to switch to the IP addresses of the countries you need. You will also have access to those websites that previously were inaccessible due to blocking or filtering.

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