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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register and create a personal account?

There's no need to register or create a personal account. We don't need your personal data, and you don't need to waste time on registration.

What do I get for my purchase?

You will get full access to web tools: proxy list and proxy checker.

The result of successful payment will be an access code. It is with this code that you will get access to the services.

How do I use the paid service?

After receiving the code, log in to the site via a special form. To get API documentation, write to tech support. Additionally, you must specify the place of use.

If you plan to publish our proxy list or proxy checker on your site, you will need to install a reverse indexed link to our site. The same applies to the use of our products in your applications.

How is the time used measured?

Your subscription time does not start from the moment of purchase, but from the moment you activate your code, i.e. the first time you enter it on the app or site.

Please note that once you've activated your subscription, the countdown will begin, without stopping, until it expires.

How long can I keep an access code before activating it?

There's no limit on how long you can keep your access code before activating it. You can even buy several access codes at once in advance and then use them whenever you want in the future.

Can I extend my subscription before the access code expires?

The only way to keep getting using our service is to buy a new access code.

If your code has already been activated, you can renew it manually by contacting technical support.

Are there any restrictions on use?

Due to the fact that the proxies presented in the proxy list are not our own, we have no influence on any restrictions imposed on them in any way. If they exist, it means they were installed by the owner of a particular proxy. In this case, just select a different proxy.

As for the proxy checker, you can check any number of proxies in it for any period of time while your subscription is active.

Any other restrictions?

Only related to using the API. For example, you should not access the proxy list API more than once a minute. On a regular basis, it is better to do this even less often: once every five minutes, or even half an hour. The point is that proxies don't appear in the list often enough to access them more than a few times a day.

Use caching to work with a local copy of the proxy list. If you use the API more frequently, you may be blocked automatically.

What if I'm having problems using the service?

We'll do everything we can to help you identify the problem and solve any connection issues. If needed, we can help solve your problem via remote desktop. As a last resort, if we're unable to help, we'll cancel your subscription and refund your money.

Still have questions?

Write to us in the online chat.