Using a VPN on a router will be useful in cases where a device that needs a secure connection or to change its IP address does not support VPN by itself. For example, game consoles and TVs.

We strongly recommend using individual applications to connect VPNs on computers and mobile devices. This way, you can choose individual servers for each device and take advantage of many other useful features.

Do all routers support VPN?

VPN connection can be configured on any router that supports such function "out of the box".

In the settings of the router, there should be a section called “VPN” or “VPN client” and an ability to choose a protocol, it can be: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN.

If you are just looking for a router for yourself and want to easily configure it to work with VPN in the future, pay attention to the specification. Among other functions, it should mention the support of "VPN". Example of such a router.

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