Export of proxy and API

Manual export

Our proxy from the list can be exported in TXT format in a column or CSV with additional fields.

The ability to export is available only for paid subscriptions. You will also get advanced export using an API.

Automatic export through API

The proxy list is available through the API with the settings: a type, speed, anonymity, country, time of continuous operation.

To use the features, subscribe and ask tech supportfor complete instructions.

Export formats:

  • plain – a classic text list in the form of ip:port
  • csv – values separated with a comma. You can open it with Excel and get the typical look of the table.
  • php – serialized php array.
  • js – json format. JavaScript-based text data exchange format.
  • xml - eXtensible Markup Language

To use the API, configure caching to work with the proxy list locally. This will reduce the frequency of calls and the load on our server. It makes no sense to access the API more than once every 5-10 minutes because new proxies do not appear more often.

With more frequent use, automatic DDoS protection may be triggered and block your IP address for several hours or even days. In this case, adjust the frequency of calls and contact technical support for faster manual unlocking.

If you plan to publish proxies from our list somewhere, add an open link to our website as a source for publication.

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