OpenVPN for Linux

Installation of OpenVPN on Linux requires a solid knowledge of the console, network technologies and an ability to search the internet.

  1. Install OpenVPN: apt-get install openvpn or aptitude install openvpn or yum install openvpn depending on your system.
  2. Locate the configuration folder in your system. On Debian, this is /etc/openvpn (you can use the whereis openvpn command). If there are any files in the config folder, delete them.
  3. Download the configuration archive. To do this, enter the access code and press the blue button. Where to get the code? Get it after payment , or request a free trial period.
  4. Unzip and move the files from the config folder of the archive to the appropriate openvpn program folder.

An example of launching and connecting: cd/etc/openvpn && sudo openvpn --config "Italy, Milan S1.ovpn"

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