Information about a launching of and connection to a VPN. It is divided into two parts: GUI and OpenVPN.

Our technical support may ask you to send this log in case you have a connection problem. The GUI and OpenVPN logs do not contain personal information.

Please note that the GUI indicates an access code with which you are authorized in the application. When sending this log to anyone other than our tech support, delete the line “Enter succeeded with code: your_code"from it.


Basic application settings. All parameters can be left by default.

Two options deserve special attention: the first "Chameleon", the second - Kill-Switch, it is also called "Disconnect the main gateway» in early versions of the application.

«Chameleon» will help in case of filtering the internet by VPN characteristics. The option encrypts the headers at the time of connection, so it does not allow filtering equipment to disconnect when VPN headers are detected.

Kill-Switch or «Disconnect the main gateway» protects you from situations when, due to a disconnection from the VPN, the internet starts working under a real IP address and without traffic protection.

Customization options:

  • «When VPN is connected» – prevents the internet from working without a VPN, but only in case of a sudden disconnection from the server. Until the program connects back to the VPN, the internet will not work or you can click on the “Disconnect” button yourself.
  • «When entering the program» – after launching the program, the internet will not work via the main channel with real IP addresses until you connect to the VPN or close the program.
  • «Never» – a default setting


Proxy server configuration for cases when our API is unavailable or for using a corporate proxy to access the internet.

If the application does not enter, it is possible that our API server is blocked at the place you access the internet.

Use any fast proxy server from our list or  contact our technical support for a portable version of the program with preloaded configurations.

For a corporate network, check the box “Use proxies for OpenVPN connections as well”.


Configuration of paths to OpenVPN configuration files, keys, and certificates. It is automatically filled when entering the program and does not require separate settings.

The configuration of OpenVPN routing. will be of more interest. It allows you to route connections through or bypassing VPNs to specific IP addresses and domains.

It can be useful, for example, if you need a real IP address to enter internet banking, and a connection through VPN - for all other websites.


In this section, you can change the password for L2TP/PPTP connections. It will come in handy if you manually configure L2TP/PPTP on another device with the same access code that you are currently authorized in the application.

Favorite servers

If you regularly use only a few specific servers, transfer them to your favorites list. On the main window, only servers from your list will be displayed.


A current routing table is displayed. If necessary, it allows you to reset the routes to their original state.

The app will also let you know if the number of routes changes dramatically.

Speed test

Testing the speed of our servers for your current internet connection. It is possible to check both the download/upload speed and the ping test.

For ping testing, 10 calls are made to each server to calculate the minimum, maximum, and average ping.

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