Do you support Double VPN?

Double VPN - a configuration in which you connect to one server and traffic comes from another. We support the work of this configuration, but we want you to consciously approach the decision to use it.

The fact is that the use of two or more servers does not add anonymity, but only slows down your internet. The more servers in the chain, the depressingly slower the connection becomes.

The main benefit of this configuration is the difference between the connection address and the address that other websites see. This has already been set up on many of our servers on which more than one IP address is available. The number of addresses on the server can be found in a special web panel after connecting or from our technical support.

Thus, the connection is done to one IP-address and the exit "into the world" - from another. At the same time, speed is not lost because the connection point is still single.

To use two different VPN servers in a chain, use the rerouting function in the advanced control panel after connecting to the VPN. Select the External IP tab, then Reroute to server. After selecting the desired server, click the Add/Replace button.

Your connection will then run through a chain of two servers: the first one you connected to, and the second one through which you access the internet.

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