How to open ports??

An open port allows you to accept connections to your computer through the IP address of our VPN. For example, to run a game or web server on a computer and allow others to connect to it via the internet.

Preparatory stage:

  1. First, you need to connect to our VPN. To do this, use a paid subscription or get a test code for one day
  2. Download and install applications to connect. For example, for for Windows or macOS.
  3. Connect to the desired VPN server and check, if your IP address has changed. If the connection is successful and the IP address has changed, proceed to the main stage.

Main stage:

  1. Open the panel and log in with your code that you entered in the application to connect to the VPN.
  2. Go to the Port forwarding tab.
  3. Enter the required port in the Port field and click the Add/replace.
  4. Рorts are added one at a time. If the port is not taken by another user, it will open successfully for you, and the rule will be added to the table below. Port openness should be checked from another computer that is not connected to our VPN.

If the port is already taken by another user, you will see an error “This port is already used by another user”. In this case, select a different port or a different server. Perhaps the port you need will still be available there.

In case of problems with opening the port, recheck yourself according to these instructions with pictures.

Note. on IP addresses that are shared with other users, which are accessible to everyone by default on VPN servers, you can only open ports with a number higher than 1000.

You can open any port on dedicated personal IP addresses, including ports with a number under 1000. The rental service for such addresses is available to all our customers with subscriptions for six months or less. To request a price and connection, contact us.

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